Serenity Gemstone Pendant Necklace

Serenity Gemstone Pendant Necklace

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Serenity Pendant Necklace

Pink Tourmaline- Healing Properties Pink Tourmaline is an incredible stone for anyone who seeks to deepen their ability to love. It creates a direct pathway between the Base Chakra and Heart Chakra making it a phenomenal tool for devotion and compassion of healing and serenity.

Lepidolite- Guides you to a tranquil state of being and calming your worries, as it brings the chakras into bright bountiful balance.

Blue Kyanite- A powerful healing crystal that has many benefits for the body, mind, and spirit by clears energy & promoting spiritual growth.

Hand Wire Wrapped
Silvery Plated Rope Chain 18" Lobster Claw Closure